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The International Protein Board

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The International Protein Board relies on contributions from people, organizations and industry. As a not-for-profit entity, all donations to the iPB is considered charitable and donation letters will be provided as needed.


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The International Protein Board - iPB - was established in 2018 to provide a credible, science-based resource on all matters (Protein Matters) related to dietary protein, health and wellbeing. With the aim of being the global authority on protein, iPB covers a variety of topics relating to dietary proteins, from its’ role in keeping the body functioning effectively, to safe intakes, to the real difference between various sources.

At the heart of iPB is the global expert panel; a board of the world’s top researchers, experts and practitioners in protein and its role in health, performance and longevity. Included is expertise in protein from different food sources and regulations for both foods and dietary supplements. 


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The International Protein Board

The International Protein Board serves as the most authoritative science-based global resource for key matters related to protein and the role of protein in human health, fitness, aging, safety and more.

iPB is the go-to depot for science-based information and expert consensus statements, with the following groups in mind:

  • Nutrition professionals and practitioners

  • Industry and retailers

  • Media

  • General consumers


"Dr Leidy talks about Hunger and Protein at Breakfast"


“Serving as the structural and functional basis of the body, it is clear from iPB Protein Matters that protein is the most important macronutrient at all stages of life and condition.”

Dr. Rob Wildman

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The International Protein Board headquarters are in Dallas, TX USA with affiliate offices in western Europe, South America and Australia opening soon. You can contact us directly using the form below:

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PO BOX 270219 Flower Mound TX 75027
Phone: +19724158689
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