iPB Expert Survey 

The International Protein Board (iPB) brings together many of the top researchers and thought leaders in areas related to protein requirements, human health and wellbeing. In 2018, the iPB Expert Survey was completed to capture the opinions of this renowned group on key matters relating to protein nutrition. This survey will be updated annually to capture the most current opinions on key protein matters. The results of the iPB Expert Survey, alongside the most recent clinical evidence, will be used to develop iPB Consensus Statements.


People's Protein Survey

This survey provides a chance for you to have your say. Click here and tell us what you believe regarding protein needs in the diet, for health and performance. The results from this study will provide some insight on general current opinions around the world, which will be reviewed on a regular basis. 

The iPB Protein Surveys consists of eight questions addressing the following topics:

  • Do higher protein intake levels pose a health risk?
  • Are base protein requirements set around the world (e.g. RDAs in US/Canada) adequate for optimal health and diet planning?
  • Are based requirements around the world set appropriate for older people as well as vegetarians?
  • Do people trying to lower body weight, particularly body fat, have higher protein requirements?
  • Do people who exercise to build muscle or greater endurance need more protein?
  • Should the methods used to establish requirements be reevaluated and potentially reset?

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